Seedbox Guide

Transdrone Guide


Transdrone is an android app for managing torrents from your seedbox, such as start/stop, labeling, view trackers, view files and etc.
The app can be download here

Config Transdrone :

1. Click on "Add new server".

2. Choose "Add normal, custom server".

3. Choose "Add normal, custom server".

  • "Name" can be anything
  • "Server type" choose rtorrent
  • "IP or host name" e.g.
  • "Username" Seedbox username
  • "Password" Seedbox password
  • And click on "Advanced settings"

4. In "Advanced settings" add SCGI mount point.
Add : "/YOUR_USERNAME/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php"

  • "Use SSL" Force SSL for rutorrent (optional)
  • "Accept all SSL certificates" (optional)

5. After completing the configuration, all torrents will be listed on the screen.