Seedbox Guide

Plex video streaming setup


Plex makes it easy to stream videos, music and photos across all device. And also support most of the video format with ability to transcode on the fly.

Setting up plex for the first time

Start claiming plex server for the first time

1. Open putty fill in your hostname
example : ""

2. In Putty Go to Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels

  • Source port : 55555
  • Destination : localhost:31599 (This port 31599 will be different for each user, You can find your plex port in the control panel )
  • Click Add
  • Click Open

3. Trust the host by click "Yes"

4. Type in your Username and Password to login

5. After putty is logged in open up web brower and go to "localhost:55555/web/"
- Fill in your Plex username and password and Sign In.

6. Give Plex server a name.

7. Add Library to plex server. (connecting data directory to Plex)

Now data directory is connected to Plex Movies folder.

8. Now the new server will showup on the main page.
- Plex automaticaly scan the directory and organize the media to be ready to use.
- The medias is ready to be stream.

Enable Plex Remote Access

1. Allow plex to be access anywhere.

  • Goto Setting -> Remote Access
  • Check on "Manually specify public port"
  • Enter your plex port
  • Click Retry

2. Access plex from

  • Go to
  • Login with your Plex account
  • Your server will appear on the list
  • Media can be now play any where and any devices that plex supported