Seedbox Guide

Remote torrent adder (Chrome Extension)


Remote torrent adder is Chrome Extensions that allows you to send torrent files from any tracker site directly to your seedbox's torrent clients.
Extension can be download here

Config extensions and usage :

1. Add extension to chrome.

2. Config extensions by going to options.

3. Click Add server.

4. Adding new server .

  • "Server name" can be anything
  • "Server type" choose "ruTorrent Webui"

5. Config Server.

  • "Host" Fill in Hostname or IP address
  • "Port" Can be 80 or 443 (optional)
  • "SSL" Optional need to check if port 443
  • "Username" Seedbox username
  • "Password" Seedbox password
  • "Relative path" /YOUR_USERNAME/rutorrent/

6. Using extension.

  • Important* : Before using extension, you must login to you seedbox via google Chrome.
  • From any tracker site right click on torrent download link. And choose
    "Add to Remote WebUI -> YOUR Server Name (in this case MySeedBox)"

  • Torrent will start downloading from you SeedBox right away.